Bad Passwords – The Weak Link to Getting Hacked


Quoting Ed Skoudis from “Counter Hack” , “Passwords are the most commonly used computer security tool in the world today. In many organizations, the lowly password often protects some of the most sensitive secrets imaginable, including health care information, confidential business strategies, sensitive financial data and so on. Unfortunately, with this central role in security, […]

Do You Play Attachment Roulette?

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You just received an email from a person you know and there’s an attachment. The problem is you weren’t expecting either! Is the attached file OK or did the other person’s computer get infected and send that attachment? You can play “attachment roulette” and hope OR you can in less than a minute or two […]

T1 Tyranny – Like Having Money to Burn


T1 connections are expensive. There’s no way around that fact. And maybe what the Telcos charge for a T1 line isn’t precisely, tyranny, but if you’re writing the check to pay for it each month it sure might seem that way. But hey you have a choice. That Choice Has Two Parts Before we look […]

Cisco for Small Business – An Example Network Case Study


This article is part 2 of a 2 part series: Part 1 is at Why Is Cisco Equipment a Smart Investment for Small Businesses? Moving from the broad over view covered in Part 1 lets now move into demonstrating some of the direct benefits of the more commonly implemented features of Cisco router and switches […]

Is Cisco for Small Business the Right Choice?

Having worked at IT consulting on a part time basis since 1986 and full-time for the past eight years I’ve had the opportunity to work with a lot of small to mid-sized organizations varying in size from the one person home office to entities with revenues in the mid-eight figure range and just under 100 […]